This World Obesity Day, let’s talk about obesity & science, risk, and healthcare systems

The number of people around the world living with overweight or obesity in 2035 is expected to be over 4 billion, and increasing the risk of associated health concerns such as type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, liver disease and increased cardiometabolic and cancer risk1-4. This global healthcare challenge is one that cannot be solved alone, […]

Why modeling obesity trajectories is key to the mission of SOPHIA

Understanding different obesity trajectories and their impact on health: Insights from SOPHIA principal investigators Is it possible to generate data and tools that ensure better treatment for those who experience obesity? Principal Investigators of a SOPHIA Working Group on obesity trajectories shared their insights on how modeling these trajectories may assist in risk prediction – […]

Putting the patient voice at the center: How SOPHIA aims to change the paradigm of obesity care

What if we could use the patient’s own perspectives and motivations surrounding obesity to help improve their health outcomes? Ascertaining the Patients’ perspectives is a crucial part of understanding the impact of their obesity on them and can inform us as to how best to provide care for those affected by the disease. A recent […]

SOPHIA has been profiled in extensive AI e-publication

How SOPHIA is unlocking the predictors of obesity treatment and risk Are you looking for an easy read to better understand the impact of SOPHIA and our approach to obesity care? We are excited to share a new e-publication that features a profile of SOPHIA, published by Innovation News Network. This profile provides a concise […]

Congratulations to iCARE4CVD for an impressive start!

SOPHIA congratulates the recently launched IHI Public-Private Partnership iCARE4CVD for making an impressive start! The SOPHIA consortium wants to extend a big congratulation to all iCARE4CVD members. We are thrilled to see the progress that this critical project is making within the cardiovascular disease area, and excited to follow their innovative research on mapping and […]

SOPHIA Project coordinator Carel Le Roux named Researcher of the Year!

UCD Professor and SOPHIA Project coordinator Carel Le Roux has been named Researcher of the Year! Every year The Irish Research Council (IRC) celebrates the best IRC-funded researchers who are making “highly significant and valuable contributions to knowledge, society, culture and innovation.” The SOPHIA consortium is proud to congratulate SOPHIA Project coordinator, Professor Carel le […]

New SOPHIA Publication Highlights the Need for Personalized Obesity Treatment

Obesity now affects 650 million people worldwide and is a significant global health concern. A new publication from the SOPHIA project emphasizes just how important this change in the approach to obesity will be for improving patient outcomes.

New AI tool makes it possible to predict weight loss after bariatric surgery

New AI tool makes it possible to predict weight loss after bariatric surgery First-time patients in need of bariatric surgery will now be able to predict their weight loss ahead of undergoing a gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy operation. A new AI driven web-tool developed by University of Lille and supported by the European Union […]

SOPHIA General Assembly meeting 2022

The 28th of April 2022 we had the pleasure to host our 2nd yearly SOPHIA General Aseembly meeting at Favrholm Campus in Denmark. The video will show a recap of a fantastic day.  

To understand the rose, one person may use geometry and another the butterfly

The theme of this year’s World Obesity Day was ‘everybody needs to act’. On the day itself we saw clear and compelling accounts from advocacy groups, scientific contributions from leading medics and researchers, and policy recommendations from think-tanks and NGOs. The message was clear – to develop an effective understanding of, and response to, obesity as a chronic disease, everybody needs to act.

Systematic review video for twitter

Press Release- IMI SOPHIA partners with Maccabi’s research and innovation center (KSM), Pfizer, and Lausanne University Hospital to improve obesity treatment

IMI SOPHIA is pleased to announce an agreement with Maccabi Research and Innovation Center (KSM), Pfizer, and the Lausanne University Hospital to initiate activities for the public-private research consortium ‘SOPHIA (Stratification of Obesity Phenotypes to Optimize Future Obesity Therapy), a €16-million EU-supported international research consortium that aims to improve obesity treatment and change the narrative around obesity.

KSM, Pfizer, and the Lausanne University Hospital will join SOPHIA’s 29 other partners from civil society, academia, and industry with the aim to better understand obesity as a chronic disease and optimise future treatment.